Unforgettable Experiential Environments

Unforgettable Experiential Environments

A more forward marketing approach is key to combat today’s marketplace that is oversaturated with advertising. This will help better attract your target audience and engage them with your brand. Expertly designed experiential environments can differentiate your company from competitors and provide the personal and emotional touchpoints that drive customer loyalty. Because of Image Options’ long history of providing visual communication and display solutions, we were perfectly positioned to expand into offering comprehensive environments, from initial design and strategy through production and installation.

What is Experiential Design?

Details are everything when it comes to designing experiential environments. Seemingly small personal touches can make all the difference in how your brand is perceived and remembered. This is true whether you are transforming office headquarters or setting up customer-facing retail events. The goal is to bring your brand to life within the venue in a memorable way that resonates with those who experience it, allowing you to help shape those lasting impressions.

Workplace Environments

From LinkedIn and Verizon to Adobe and Amazon, we’ve transformed some of the most sought-after work environments in the country. Experiential design elements can include art installations, branding signage, wall dividers, interpretive elements, and technology features that enhance the working experience and promote positive…


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